Hole 4 - The Spring




  • White tees - 191 yards
  • Yellow tees - 161 yards
  • Red tees - 169 yards

Par and stoke index

  • White and yellow tees - par 3, stroke index 9
  • Red tee - par 3. stroke index 7


Suggestions for playing the hole


This par 3 plays longer than it's yardage. The simplest approach with a low running shot is to aim just inside the left hand bunker as the ball will run from left to right. It also avoids the bank in front of the green.

The green slopes from left back to right front although not as severe as before the successful rebuild in 2011.

The 5th tee is to the left of the green.                                       Players may leave their bags half way up the hill above the 4th green.